As I stand on my Mountain
and throw my head back to the sky
and the tears in my eyes
flow freely
into my ears
and down my neck
as I cry to the Grandfathers
release me please
from this enormous pain

and the Winds whistle
and blow around me
trying to comfort this loss
and remind me
that in this pain
I am not alone

yet calling forth all that is
to comfort me
to hold me close in this
my greatest time of need
to support me
and hold my aching body

hold me Grandfathers
for I am weak and alone
cut off from all I hold dear
hold me in this agony and loss
hold this heart which cries out
for what is gone and can never be again

I reach my arms out to hold you
please hold these empty arms Grandfathers
fill them with the love I have known
and can not share now
fill me with what I know to be your love

fill me with the love of my People
who have known this pain
fill me Grandfathers
fill me again

Crys The Tears/Dreamwalker~Lakota
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  2. Lindo poema.... faz-nos sentir livres.... um bocado como aquele outro espírito da montanha, lembras-te? está na mesma onda.... Adorei...